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James and Ginette Shimanek perform together as a duet called Violin+Cello=Love. They mostly perform original duets composed by James. He has written a series of duets called The Events which he continues to add to, over 120 and counting. They have released a single, Somber Beauty which is an original composition by James and are currently working on a full album of original duets. They met when they were members of the Utah Valley State College Orchestra and were later married.

James Allen Shimanek is a composer and cellist who grew up in Eugene, Oregon.  When he was 9 he was inspired to write music after watching the movie Amadeus. James was so impressed by Mozart’s ability to write music that he felt he had the ability in him too. He studied piano for 2 years before he started with the cello at age 11 which became his primary instrument. He has written over 100 compositions from cello solos with accompaniment to symphonies. James has released singles and an album of his music which is available on iTunes and many online music sites.

Ginette Jeppson Shimanek is a violinist who grew up in Bluffdale, Utah. She was born with a great love and appreciation for music. At the age of 10 she began playing the violin with the local elementary orchestra. Her love for music continued to grow and she has studied and played with many different orchestras. Ginette is a former student of John Chatelain, who is a retired member of the Utah Symphony. Ginette has had many great musical experiences and opportunities throughout her life. She received a music scholarship at Utah Valley State College, was a former concertmaster and also had the privilege to perform in New York City at Carnegie Hall. Ginette has also taught private violin lessons and elementary orchestra. She continues to make beautiful music with her husband James and she enjoys every minute of it and hopes that you will too.

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